Design Process

Initial Site Meeting:

Depending on the project, we recommend meeting with the client at the project site. This allows the client and designer to introduce themselves in the setting which the project will ultimately be developed. This meeting will also provide the landscape architect the program information to develop a fee proposal that will be provided to the client after that meeting and prior to work proceeding. 

Conceptual Design & Budgeting: 

This is the first step in creating the schematic/preliminary design which will incorporate all the client’s needs and interest into a visual illustration developed by the landscape architect. Once the preliminary design illustration is completed we will meet to review and update if any adjustments are needed. Upon the successful completion of that preliminary design, a budget will be developed to outline the anticipated cost of the project based on that design. 

Design Development Drawings & Estimates:

Upon approval of the schematic design and preliminary budget, dimensioned construction drawings will be developed to insure the accuracy and intent of the design. These drawings will include any architectural structures along with irrigation, lighting & planting designs. Upon completion of those drawings and estimates, Daly - Sublette will provide the client the option of constructing the project.  


Turn Key Installation: 

This option gives Daly-Sublette the complete responsibility of selecting, coordinating and supervising all sub contractors and in house staff to execute the project as designed on time and in budget. For hardscape portions of the project, the client will be provided a minimum of two competitive bids from each portion of the project. We will also provide a complete accounting of all project expenses and payments along with managing the related insurance requirements.  

Construction Observation:

This option allows the client the responsibility to select, schedule and coordinate their own contractors. At the client’s request, Daly –Sublette will evaluate work as it proceeds and report that progress back to the client. This service will be provided for a fee based on a percentage of the construction.


This is an optional service which provides annual horticultural oversite and maintenance of the client’s property. This is a detailed service providing lawn cutting, shrub pruning, spraying for pest, mulching, seasonal color and special event preparation. Due to this detailed level of annual contracted services we are limited with the number of clients and may have limited availability.